About Me

Me, eating my first (and probably last) oyster.



My name is Kim, I have blonde hair and blue eyes, and I hate taking long walks on the beach because it forces me to walk on a slant.  I HATE walking on a slant, it’s like one leg is doing all the work.

I’m a good enough wife and a decent stay at home mother of 2 kids, 2 dogs (who have a total of 7 legs), and a cat who could never survive in the wild unless the wild was filled with fluffy pillows, a never-ending supply of food, and all the predators were dead.

Let me apologize in advance. You see, it’s my opinion, that my lack of consistent adult interaction is to blame for my questionable and warped sense of humor (one that I’m hoping other socially deprived mothers can appreciate). And so, from time to time, expect to see some crazy shit to make its way onto the screen because, even though I know the location of my edit button, I often find myself writing exactly what I’m thinking and it’s usually in bad taste and shares way too much information (according to certain family members). In fact, after reading it you’ll probably walk away feeling like a superior parent and an all around better person.  You’re welcome.  Meanwhile, I’m convinced my husband & children print out my posts and take them to secret therapy sessions as some sort of  “it’s not me, it’s her” evidence.


Some of my favorite things are:

Drinking wine in my king sized bed (try it, I swear you’ll love it), finding a bargain, the moment after I drop my kids off at school, puppies that aren’t mine, Cabernet Sauvignon, taking my bra off at the end of the day, my family, and cheese- I love cheese, cheese on nachos, cheese on top of cheese, etc.  This list is not necessarily in order…except the ‘drinking wine in my bed’ thing.


Want to email me sweet nothings? Awww… Email Me Here  or at Kim@oneclassymotha.com


Or you can send me stuff at:


One Classy Motha

PO Box 1122  (it’s small but we like it)

Hockessin, De  19707


PS – Don’t send me anything you need returned, I’m terrible at that.  Really, you don’t know how relieved I am that Blockbuster went out of business.


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