Notes from Camp Cheapo, Day 3, Season 2

A letter to the Camp Cheapo parents:



Dear Camp Cheapo Campers,

It’s with a heavy heart that I say, the garage doors of Camp Cheapo are officially closed for the remainder of the week.

It seems that one of our campers brought more than her enthusiasm with her on Tuesday afternoon.

Yes, by now you probably realize that Camper X was teeming with, not only excitement, but with a vicious influenza related virus waiting to attack your little camper bodies.

Out of respect and privacy for the family (who single handedly shut down Camp Cheapo merely by showing up), I will not reveal the identity of this camper. After all, crushing the summertime dreams of neighborhood friends must be a hard thing for a little, blonde haired girl from Rosewood Street to live with.

Last night, as I was feverishly measuring out 2 tablespoons of Tylenol, I couldn’t help but to think how Camp Cheapo could improve in the areas of hygiene and illness prevention. So after speaking with our Camp Director, Events Coordinator, and Lead Counselor (me,me, and me), we decided that next year’s activities will be expanded to include Delousing Powder Relays, Surgical Mask Art, and water balloons filled with hand sanitizer.

I’ve enclosed a group picture from the first day of Camp for each of you, as a memento of our brief, but good times together.

I urge you to please let go of any resentment that you might hold towards your fellow camper (who shall remain nameless, because that’s the right thing to do). Besides, it could have been any one of us.

“My favorite part of Camp Cheapo was the the Dunk Bucket! My least favorite part was the sore throat and raging fever.” – Collin, age 9



Camp Director

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  1. I guess you also need to implement release forms for fellow campers who might be exposed to air born illnesses.
    Kate recently posted…If you find that money tree, let me knowMy Profile

  2. I am now VERY relieved I didn’t participate in Camp Cheapo…!!!!

  3. You mean you don’t keep all the sick campers and nurse them back to health? This really IS camp cheap-o!
    Allie Burdick recently posted…NOWHERE TO RUNMy Profile

  4. I laughed out loud about the hand sanitizer filled water balloons. I’d love to live in your mind for awhile!

    • One Classy Motha! says:

      Thanks, but I don’t think you’ll like it there, it’s very loud, crowded, and disorganized until about cocktail hour.

  5. Bahahaha I love the “or could have been any one of us” followed by a photo of the kids with a bunch of arrows pointed at one.
    thebargainbabe recently posted…Pinterest: You are a Liar McLiarpantsMy Profile

  6. That little Typhoid Mary is cute as a button, though…
    Jenn @ Something Clever 2.0 recently posted…Who’s Going to Ruin Your Vacation?My Profile

  7. Oh shame man, Camp Cheapo was going so well. I’ll try not to feel resentful towards the little germ spreader. Its a shame for her too! :( Maybe you should insist on Cheapo kids passing a medical next year?!
    WeezaFish recently posted…5 Easy Tips for Healthy EatingMy Profile

  8. This makes me sad, but more for me than the kids. I mean, who really cares if the kids get to have fun anyway. I liked reading about your ideas. Maybe you could do a camp-cheapo idea post?
    Carrie recently posted…I’m Bored!My Profile

  9. Kim, I got to the picture and started LAUGHING OUT LOUD!!
    Shay recently posted…Summertime Tips from Trashy BlogMy Profile

  10. I think the best way to deal with this is to send all the kids to the offending child’s home to ensure that no one in the other homes gets sick. In fact, I think that should be in teh waiver for next year. I believe the correct legal phrasing would be, “Your kid gets others sick, you take all the kids to your house for 48 hours to avoid exposure to others.” My husband’s a laywer. Trust me on this.
    The Pursuit of Normal recently posted…Musings From the Shower: Am I being rude?My Profile

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