The Weekend in Crappy Pics

On Friday, Brian received change from a New Jersey tollbooth, then came straight home to boil his hands.


Friday night, I spent the majority of the evening creating the perfect spicy cucumber margarita, meanwhile my family wondered when or if they’d get dinner.


On Saturday, I was motivated by the warm weather to Nair my legs.

wcp232 nair

The directions said to leave it on my hair for 3-6 minutes but, like well established trees, I knew that their roots ran deep…very very deep.  So about twenty minutes later, when the smell of burnt skin and shame became unbearable, I rinsed it off only to find what looked like snow angels carved into my lady bits. That shit gets EVERYWHERE.

Later, I made another batch of margaritas.


 That afternoon, I took those margaritas over to our neighbor’s new lake property…


You know how you shouldn’t drink & drive? Well, I can’t imagine drinking & scaling great heights should be encouraged either.

wcp233 hill1

On Sunday, we went to my mother’s house to celebrate my nephew’s first birthday.  Everyone seemed to have forgotten that it was an ice cream cake, until a puddle had formed and the sides were landsliding off.

wcp234 cake

About 15 minutes after taking this picture, the cake slid off the tray, forcing me to catch it with my bare hands! Some say I was a hero that day. But if truth be told, saving fattening food is nothing more than an involuntary response for me, like breathing or drinking wine.

Then I went home and made some more margaritas.


Recipe to come on Wednesday!

How was your weekend?

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