Notes from Camp Cheapo- Day 2, Season 2

It’s Camp Cheapo Week! You can read Day 1 here


Oh man, I really winged it today. No morning trip to the store, no laying out of equipment, and no idea what we’d be doing. But when the clock struck noon and the garage doors went up, it was GO time! I suspect this is how badass rock bands put on a show.

First up, water balloon basketball. The idea was to gently put a balloon filled with water (not to be confused with a water balloon) in the basketball net, which I had previously tied at the bottom to keep the balloon from falling out. Then one person would stand under the net while everyone else took free shots. Problem was, the damn balloon wouldn’t pop!

Someone suggested throwing darts at the balloon. Not surprisingly, the thought had crossed my mind too, until I remembered that throwing darts above another person’s head probably wasn’t a good idea. The fact that I even entertained this idea makes me think I might need a supervisor to supervise my supervision.

We disappointingly moved on to “Indestructible Bubbles”, made with water, dish soap, corn syrup, and love.

I would say that the adjective “Indestructible” is a huge exaggeration. These were more like “Hold Me Gently” bubbles. I’m guessing it was the love that weakened them.


Next up was a cleverly disguised bath that I like to call “Bubble Pool Relays”.

Instruction: You’ll want to fill a baby pool with dish soap, then throw about 100 small plastic toys in there. Have the children divide into two relay teams. At the whistle, the first pair have 15 seconds to fish out as many toys as they can with their feet, the next pair can use their hands, the next use their elbows, etc. Keep cycling through this until they’re all clean from head to toe.


*note: while they’re drying off, take the opportunity to shave your legs.


Before heading to the pool, we concluded our backyard fun with the awesome Dunk Bucket. They said something about not wanting to do it, but damn it, do you know how long it took me to make that?!!! I’m filling it with snow this winter.

And at the end of the day, this awesomeness happened…

That’s right, sleeping across the couch at 5pm!

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  1. “They said something about not wanting to do it…” haha!! Looks like you’ve got some great sports over there! And how fun! I’m sending my kids next year.
    Shay recently posted…You Are NOT the Father 2.0My Profile

  2. LOVE IT!! But seems like a lot of effort. Yep, I’m that lazy when it comes to entertaining my kids. And where the hell do you get corn syrup?
    Allie Burdick recently posted…SPA by DEXTERMy Profile

    • One Classy Motha! says:

      Me too. I guess I save up my energy all year for this week. Then I’m spent!

      Corn syrup is in the baking aisle.

  3. YAY! Camp Cheapo’s back. Awesome energy and effort lady, well done. So glad it paid of with sleeping child at 5 p.m. Mind you, up at dawn I bet?! LOVE the cleaning your kids as they play and then shaving your legs tip :)
    WeezaFish recently posted…5 Easy Tips for Healthy EatingMy Profile

  4. Do you have any more tickets for Camp Cheapo? Because it looks like more fun than what we’ve been doing. :)

  5. Oh, and I really need to shave my legs…

  6. That looked like so much fun! Awesome job!
    Cara recently posted…Picture from TodayMy Profile

  7. Does parasite parenting work with camp as well? I might accidentally walk by your house with my kids, start up a seemingly innocent conversation with a playful, “Wow, that looks really fun” or giggle snort worthy, “oh my gosh I’ve been dying to come up with a way to shave my legs while outdoors” then fake some sort of cell phone call and casually sneak away while you entertain my kids.
    The Pursuit of Normal recently posted…Musings From the Shower: Am I being rude?My Profile

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